I love how people in the United States get creative when it comes to our American flag. I see the hard work and dedication people put forth to show their patriotism to our country and feel like I need to document it.

We were driving in Star Valley Wyoming one evening and ran across this gem. There is a house to the left of the shed that I didn’t want in the frame so I put the small shed on the left of the frame and used the fence line and the path to lead the eyes up the frame. I have an ongoing project called Americana that this will fit perfect in.

The Little Things

I received a postcard in the mail this week from someone I’ve never met (sort of). I’m part of a film group on Facebook. A fellow photographer wanted to send a postcard to anyone in the group. I took him up on his offer and sent him my mailing address. A couple of weeks later I received this postcard in the mail with a hand written note on the back.

Aerospace Museum Photowalk

I purchased a Leica M3 from a good friend and needed to shoot a test roll to get a feel for how it shot.  I live close to Hill Aerospace Museum and always look for opportunities to visit.  I was impressed with how the images turned out but ended up selling the M3.  It was a hard decision to make but ended up buying a M2 that allows me to use all my M lenses.

Full Circle

This blog has been dormant for three+ years. In that time I’ve been fairly active on other social media sites. I tried Twitter and couldn’t connect with it. I tried Facebook and couldn’t connect with it. I used Instagram the most and connected best with it but….with the recent changes to the platform and my lack of trust with Facebook I’ve given up on Instagram as well. I haven’t deleted my accounts but I know one thing for sure. I have no plans on returning to those platforms. Flickr will be the main site where I connect with other creatives.

As I start to use this blog again my hope is that there will be something interesting for you to come back to and hopefully be inspired.

All this leads me back to this blog. I’ve missed it and would like to start contributing more, connecting with “real” people, and to be inspired.

The Negative Positives Double-Exposure Film Exchange

I took part in a film exchange last month for the facebook group Negative Positives Film Photography Podcast. The plan was that we would be paired up with an unknown photographer and we would share a roll of film to create double exposures.  Shaun Nelson collected names and paired people up.  My photo partner was Sherry Christensen from Canada.  She supplied the film (Kodak Ektar 100) and shot the roll.  She then mailed it to me for me to shoot and I was in charge of processing and scanning the film.

I was pleasantly surprised how well these turned out.  There are a few that I really like that I have included here.  This was a great way to meet photographers and get a feel for what they like to shoot.  The only rule we set was we were to shoot all frames in landscape.  We also tried to line up our fame lines.  It didn’t quite work out but I really like the overlap.  She warned me her shots would be from around the farm house so I wanted to be be sure to add some color and urban scenes.  I really like the eye looking through the door of the grain bin above.  As I look at this image I’m reminded of the many many hours I spent inside these grain bins shoveling grain in the hot summer heat.  I wouldn’t pass growing up on a farm for anything these days.

Photographer #1
Photographer #2
  • Name:Scott Smith
  • Location: Utah
  • Camera: Leica M6 TTL, 35 & 50 mm lens

We used Kodak Ektar 100 film.  It was developed by Replicolor in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I scanned the roll using a Epson Perfection V700 scanner.


Still Standing

This shack sits on my parents property in Idaho and has been around ever since we built our home when I was 2 years old. For a long time it was used as a storage “junk” shed for my dad. It’s been recently cleaned out and sits empty. Every time I visit my parents I make sure I visit the shack and take some pictures. By looking at the roof it’s going to cave in if they get a heavy snow fall. I love the snow on part of the roof and the shadows from a near by tree and the southern winter sun.

The picture below was taken in fall of the same year.

The Portrait

I don’t get the opportunity to work with high school seniors these days like I used to. I’m hoping to get back into it soon. I love the one-on-one experience and the opportunity for me to be somewhat creative. I love this moment where there was a brief pause as we were waiting for the rain to stop. It gave me the opportunity to capture a relaxed moment. I love the texture of her hair and the glimpse of her smile. To me this adds a bit of mystery to the image.

Hawaii Sunset

This would have been just a typical Hawaiian Sunset but just at the right time this family launched their boats and paddled off right in front of us. I overheard people complaining that they ruined their “perfect sunset” but for me I was excited and captured them at this moment just before the sun disappeared. Look for the opportunities to add a human element to a photograph to give it more impact and meaning.